Cascades at Estero Men's Club

Estero, Florida

    Men's Club Policies

Men's Club Event Attendance Policy


Priority for attendance at Men's Club sponsored events will be given to paid members.


 1. As the membership grows, attendance can exceed the capacity of the ballroom. This policy assures that members (and their wives) have first priority on attending events. All reservations are accepted on a first come-first served basis. 

2. Announcements for events will specify if the event is open to members only or to members and guests. When events are announced to include guests, reservations will be accepted for members only until the reservation cut off date is reached. After that, reservations for members and guests will be accepted until capacity has been reached.

 3.  It is the responsibility of each member to know the cut off date. Reservation cut off dates are provided at the regular monthly meeting, public announcements on channel 95 or the Cascades Gazette, and the club web site.

Approved and issued 7.14.09

Revised: 2.17.10 

Men's Club Property Loan Policy


It is the policy of the Cascades Men's Club to loan out property owned by the club to any club or organization of the Cascades of Estero with the provisions shown below. Property includes but is not limited to tents, coolers, utensils, barbecue grill, flags, signs.

Loan Provisions

  1. A refundable $50 deposit is required to cover the repair or replacement cost of possible damage or loss of any property belonging to the Men's Club.

  2. For the barbecue grill, an additional non-refundable fee of $20 will be charged to cover the cost of the propane gas, Easy Off cleaner, and general ware.

  3. If the barbecue grill is returned without having been completely cleaned, the $50 deposit will not be refunded and the organization involved will not be eligible to borrow the grill in the future.

  4. The person borrowing the item on behalf of the Cascades club or organization will be responsible to sign for the item and assumes full responsibility for its return. 

Sick and Bereavement

The Men’s club shall offer a token gift, the value and nature if which shall be established by the Men’s club board, for all members in
good standing who have been hospitalized or in the name of a deceased member.

Deceased Member's Wives

Wives of deceased members may attend all social functions held by the Men's Club as voted in my the membership at the March 13, 2010 meeting.

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